Android Auto and the Functions that it Supports

The ingenious user interface called the PLAYER TOP [FR] Android Auto not only allows the driver to drive safely also allows the driver to use the features of the smart phone from the automobile’s dashboard head system unit.

Here is a list of the features and applications that the projection system allows:

i. GPS navigation and access to Google maps – Provides free voice guided navigation. It also provides information on live traffic information and lane guidance

ii. Telephone and SMSs – Provides access to the driver to make calls and compose and replay messages.

iii. Voice commands – The driver just needs to say the word. Whether it is for searching a contact or a route, the best speech technology has been integrated into this system.

iv. Listening to music – Enjoy free 90 days of Google play music. The system also allows playing music anywhere on the go.

v. Searching the web – Just say the word and voila! Information from the web will be on your fingertips.